The Sales

Right, so back home, the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday and people queue up outside of shops for hours to get good deals and so on.  Here in the UK, the really GOOD sales don’t start until after Christmas–and boy are people ruthless.  Normally, I wouldn’t have ventured out today, but I needed to pick up a few things for the new flat on Tuesday (cleaning products) and N had to go into the city to exchange the suitcase I got him as a Christmas gift.

So N went into Victoria and I stayed local.  Before I was even out of bed, I had a text from N saying that he was in the middle of a stampede heading in to the Marks and Spencer.  Holy hell… he came home with a black eye and fingernail scratches all over from the crazy, rabid women flinging themselves at the stuff that was 50% off.  Kidding–but he was definitely scarred for life after that experience.

I, on the other hand, had an okay time out.  I went to Poundland (like the Dollar Store) for everything I needed, and because everything’s a pound, there are no sales and no crazy people to contend with!  It was brilliant!  Then, against my better judgement and though my arms were hurting from all of the stuff I bought, I decided to have a nose around in some of the other stores to see if I could find anything spectacular that I “just couldn’t pass up.”  I wound up with a toilet brush and holder in stainless steel for 3 quid, if that says anything.  After two or three stores, I’d had enough of the craziness and made my way home.

So that’s that.  We go to the new flat tomorrow to sign the contract and get the keys, and then we move everything on Tuesday.  I think I’ve done about 65 – 70% of my packing… N’s about the same.  So still a lot to do, but it’ll be alright.  Still no idea about the internet situation.  We personally won’t have it hooked up til mid-January, but whether there’s someone with an unprotected wireless signal that’s strong enough is beyond me.  Just one of those wait and see kind of deals.  If I go quiet til the 4th when I’m back at work, that’s why.  I’ll be calling one person or another back home daily to make sure everyone’s okay.  Gonna have to keep topping up my phone credit I guess.  Hey ho.


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