movin’ on up, weezy.

N and I have finally ventured from the world of bedsits with shared common spaces and bathrooms to the “penthouse”, as I like to call it. We now have a studio flat on the fourth floor of a purpose-built building. Our floor is the top one, and we overlook our surroundings (quite nicely!) as well as have fantasta-licious view of The City itself. I can see most of the buildings ‘cartoonized’ at the top of this blog, which is amazing.

New Year’s was nothing less than spectacular as we had the best view of the fireworks both at The London Eye (which we can see from the front of our flat, along with the top bit of Parliment) as well as all of the fireworks in local boroughs. Ah, to live the good life.

For those of you who don’t know, by the way, a ‘flat’ is an apartment, and a ‘studio’ is one big room for sleeping, eating, lounging and living. Usually, the kitchen area is along a wall of the studio, but we’ve been very fortunate in that our kitchen is a separate room that we can both actually be in at the same time! And the bathroom/bathtub is glorious! Every day I can’t wait to soak in the hot water. It’s heaven.

There are a few hitches though:

1. We still don’t have internet and won’t til almost the end of the month. Til then, updates might be a bit sporadic.

2. We haven’t seemed to get the knack of the heating yet, which means we’re either freezing or burning up.

3. I’ve learned that my husband is OCD and anal retentive when it comes to where things go in the kitchen, ie plates, food, cheese and so on. If I put something away, 9 times out of 10 it gets moved because it wasn’t ‘put in the right spot.’ Nevermind the fact that he can’t be bothered to put anything else in a nice place–oh no.

4. I’ve also learned that my husband is out to kill me–I haven’t slept right since we moved as he now snores worse than ever. I’m buying earplugs on the way home from work today.

Such are the joys of finally living together in a real place. I’m really happy where we are now, with our skyline views and ‘poor penthouse living’. Really. And it only took me 45 minutes to get to work. How sweet it is.


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One thought on “movin’ on up, weezy.

  1. ОлегА толку? це всерівно що піти в дитсадок і на А‘‘–соÃÇнÿ¸Ñ†ÑÑ… позбивати пару фігурок, що їх діти роблять

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