Your life…in six words only

Ernest Hemingway, greatest of the greats in my opinion, was once purportedly engaged in a bet (for ten bucks) with a fellow writer/friend/colleague.  Hemingway claimed that he could write an entire story in just six words–and he won that bet with “For sale:  Baby shoes, never worn.”  Though only hinted at, this bit of what is called “flash fiction” contains all the necessary elements for a story:  protagonist, antagonist, conflict and resolution.

In their own interpretation of the idea of a six word story, Smith Magazine seems to be annually doing a feature (which they’ve turned into a book or two) called “Six-Word Memoir”, and it’s exactly how the title describes it.  It’s basically your life story, summed up into six words a la Hemingway.  I’ve seen this idea/writing tool crop up now and again in different places, though I’ve never participated myself.  Today, I’m changing that:

Aimed high, landed below with love.

I’ve found some pretty good examples of six word stories/memoirs on the web at:

So I wanna hear yours!  Even you, Memom and Mom… click on the comment button and follow the instructions.


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