“I’ve got to do something about the way I look. I mean a girl just can’t go to Sing Sing with a green face.”

…so says Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  I’ve been in a serious case of the “mean reds” (Holly, again) for the past week.  Not the blues, though.  The mean reds are totally different.  To explain:

Holly Golightly: You know those days when you get the mean reds?
Paul Varjak: The mean reds, you mean like the blues?
Holly Golightly: No. The blues are because you’re getting fat and maybe it’s been raining too long, you’re just sad that’s all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?

It’s just been one of those where nothing seems to go right and one bad thing happens after the other.  The washing machine broke, a couple of serious family illnesses cropped up out of nowhere, I found out just how much my next flight is going to cost, I hurt and possibly lost my best friend (in the cruel to be kind sense), N and I had a few rows, work was frustrating and it was just a plain awful week.  So I’ve had the meanest of mean reds.

In an effort to cheer myself up, I channeled my inner-Holly and went for a mini-makeover yesterday, which resulted in about 4 or 5 inches of my hair being hacked off.  Now I’m sporting a nice, tidy, easy to maintain bob… and I’ll tell you what, I feel like a brand damn new person.  I’ve felt swell ever since–even whilst sitting in the laundromat straight after work.  It’s amazing what a new look can do for a girl.

Somehow, I guess because it’s a funky month, I’ve got a 3-day weekend ahead of me.  Tonight I’m doing nothing but soaking in a hot bath and reading my book.  Maybe a movie, but I’m not fussed.  Tomorrow we’ve got the mechanics coming ’round to have a look at the washer and *hopefully* fix it.  After that, it’s the weekly shopping (I still love going to the fruit and veg stalls) and at some point dinner.  Sunday, N’s got a meeting and I’m hopefully going out with J to a market or to the Tate Modern.  Monday will be cleaning day, because I’m just not doin’ it this weekend (no matter how much it upsets me not to).  At some point I’m putting N through my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie, Funny Face.  Classic.

Looks like maybe the mean reds might be fading away to pink?



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One thought on ““I’ve got to do something about the way I look. I mean a girl just can’t go to Sing Sing with a green face.”

  1. Sounds like a girl needs to be thinking yellow,as in sunshine and warm weather.But considering where you live,good luck.I’m sure you have not lost your best friend sometimes it just takes time to heal problems.I always felt like my sister was my best friend. If we had an arguement[usually over the phone] [Iknow you’ve heard this story many times before] we wouldn’t talk to each other for a few days.Then one would call the other,the arguement over and done. I’m sure everything will work out. I know agrument is spelled wrong,but I’m not going back to correct it’I have a hard enough time as it is just hunting and pecking this out. Love to you and N.

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