Oh Partridges, how I love you…

Last week, N and I were down on the King’s Road, a busy hubbub of a street, with tons of shops lining both sides. The King’s Road has a little bit of everything–especially if you’ve got money to burn. There’s all sorts of high-end fashion/shoe shops like the uber-posh and expensive L.K. Bennett, Vivian Westwood and Peter Jones as well as the more affordable Monsoon and Cath Kidston. If nothing else, on an early morning, the street is just a nice place to grab a cup of coffee or windowshop. So anyhow, last week, N and I were on the King’s Road with his mum, who “had” to just “pop in” to a few places. She and I went into Jigsaw (higher-end fashion) and N decided to check out the little store next door–Partridges.

I’d heard of the store before and saw the Royal Crest above the door. (The Royal Crest is placed on buildings where the royal family buys certain items. Not sure what they get in Partridges, but hey ho.) While I was in Jigsaw, oohing and aahing over a bevy of things I couldn’t afford, N called me–and he sounded like he meant business. “I need you to come over here, right now”, he said. I swear, I thought he was getting arrested or something!

I rushed next door and found him… and possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve seen since I’ve moved to London: a whole section of imported American food. I’m not lying–I was absolutely speechless. Walking around in wonder, I just picked things up and put them down again. How could I have not known that this little corner in this posh store even existed?? There was JIF, Skippy, Aunt Jemima, Oreos, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Combos, A&W, Gushers, Zatarans, Poptarts and soooo much more. I cried. No, really, I did.

N and I decided we HAD to buy something–which let me tell you was heartbreakingly expensive. Everything of course had been imported and the prices were crazily inflated. Like the Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Nearly £8 for a box. That’s like, $10. How crazy is that?? But we were still determined, and we settled on the box of Zatarans Jambalaya, which is one of my favorite meals ever. I mean, the spicy rice and with the Polish sausage mixed in? Holy hell… so good. And as we were leaving, I found the American candy. Naturally, I needed a pack of Nerds to go with the Jambalaya. Mmmmm.

So I’ve found a new home away from home on the King’s Road–as if I needed another reason for liking the place! I’ll be seeing a lot more of Partridges… and a lot less of my bank account.



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