A Day in the Life – Weekday version

I know I keep making excuses and telling you guys I haven’t written because there’s just NOTHING going on.  And it’s true!  So to prove that I’m not lying, I thought I’d do a “Day in the Life” post for you…weekday style.  Feel free to skip it, if you get bored… because really, there’s nothing exciting happening here right now.

6:15am:  Alarm goes off.  N has to wake me up because I sleep with earplugs in to sleep through HIS snoring.  I roll over and proceed to ignore him as I cuddle up to him and go back to sleep.

6:25am:  I get up because I have to pee and can’t hold it anymore.  And as I’m already up, I go ahead and make myself a coffee and pour a bowl of cereal.  But only because I’m already up.

6:50-6:55:  Breakfast is done and it’s time to get ready.  I ignore the breakfast dishes (I’ll do em later) and the unmade bed (I’m just going to crawl back into it tonight).

7:15:  Makeup, done.  Hair, pulled back.  Clothes, on.  Perfume, sprayed.  You get the idea.  I’m ready to leave.

7:20-7:25:  Hop on the bus and pray for a seat.  I almost always get one if I time my departure just right.  Begin reading.

7:45:  Traffic because the two bridges down the river on either side of mine are closed.  Sit.  Continue reading.

8:10:  Get off the bus about a mile from work and walk the rest of the way whilst listening to either Lady Gaga or The Beatles.  Depends on the mood.  If the weather’s crap, I’ll hop another bus that leaves me half a block away from work.

8:20:  Obscenely early for my 9am start, as usual.  Typically I don’t take the extra half hour back unless I’m really tired or have something to do.

9:00:  Another coffee.

11:00 – 11:15:  Break for water/interaction with everyone else.  Chat about football/news for a few, then it’s back to deskwork/customers.

12:00:  Working lunch.  Yum.

12:30 – 4:45:  Loooooooooooongest stretch of the day in which I look at the clock a billion times and it doesn’t change.

5:00:  Walk the mile back to the bus, or take a bus to the bus home.  Depends on my mood/weather/general tiredness.

5:45:  On final bus home.  Reading.  Traffic.  More of the same.

6:30:  Home.  Shed workclothes for anything comfy and ballet slippers.

6:50:  Start dinner prep/cleaning/laundry.  N arrives home.

7:15:  Bath or more cleaning, depending on when dinner’s ready.

7:30-8:00:  Dinner’s ready.

8:30:  Bath, if I haven’t had one.  If I have, tidy a few things up and collapse into bed whilst N does whatever.

9:45-10:00:  Fill hot water bottle for maximum nighttime foot-warmth.  Bedtime.

Lather, rinse, repeat.  Literally the same thing, day in and day out.  Weekends are much the same, but I’ll save for a separate entry later on.


If you’re interested in getting in touch, tweet me at @stephanie_khani or @londondiaries1.  Alternatively you can email me at emailthelondondiaries [at] gmail.com.


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