Kentuckians do it better…

Just a quick note on how much I love and miss Kentuckians, and how (in general) they’re probably the most amazing, friendly people out there.

It’s crap outside… the rainy drizzle crap that is second nature to London, the crap that’s not worth juggling an umbrella but you get wet when you don’t. And I had a load of stuff to bring home. Not light stuff, either. Add on top of that the fact that I waited nearly 30 minutes for a bus that didn’t come (until after I walked away from the bus stop) and that I ended up walking a mile in the drizzle, carrying my crap.

At the connecting bus stop that I walked to, I saw three of my buses pulling away. Next one wasn’t due for another 12 minutes. Naturally, I was thinking quite a few nasty words in my head about Transport for London. Annnnyhow… so I’m standing in the drizzle, frowning to beat the band and wearing my Kentucky Wildcats hoodie (go Cats!!!). This guy looks at me funny, then comes up to me and says, “You a big Cats fan?”

I nearly jumped for joy at the accent. He was a Kentuckian! So we chatted about how we were both relieved they’re playing Wake Forest and not Texas tomorrow and what we were both doing in London and where we were both from.

That absolutely made my evening/day/week/month/year. Seriously. It was amazing to talk to another Kentuckian.

No one from anywhere else would have done that. I can’t tell you how many times I try to be friendly to any of the Americans that come through the office, and for the most part, they shut me down and aren’t interested. So you know what? Kentuckians really do do it better.


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