Things I’m Thankful For #1

Alrighty… As I said in the last post, Sundays are a day for me to look back and reflect on the things that made me happy during the week, no matter how special, silly, mundane or whatever!!

This week, I am thankful for:

A weekend off – A half sunny week and a fully sunny weekend – My new Rimmel liquid foundation – Bed linen dried in the sun – Good books – My blog – Weird, quirky (yet cool) theatre shows – New handbags – Feeling in sync and reconnected with N – Crazy large Venti Mochas on Sundays – Sleeping until I wake up on my own, even if it’s to only 7 – Afternoon naps – Roast dinners – Growing our own herbs – Blooming trees and blooming life – Mangoes – When the bus comes as soon as I get to the stop – Front seats on the top deck – Old Brompton Cemetery – My new “Jackie O” shades – Positive attitude changes – Being poor and accepting it without getting anxious – Hot bubble baths – Having all of the windows open – N helping me clean – Being in charge of this week’s menu and making healthy, fresh choices (NO processed food!!!) – writing blog entries on napkins – My Keels Simple Diary – Phone calls to N for no reason – Getting vegetable seeds from the BBC – Learning my way around the electoral system in the UK in time for elections next month – Annual Quarterly Meetings (AQMs) being pushed back a week – Feeling better about me – Packing up the sweaters for the season – Kitties on leashes (Someone on the ground floor had three cats out in the back garden and they were all on leashes) – Remembering old friends from elementary school and high school – Missing friends from home (in a good way)… Rose, this means you – Runners, and striving to be one – N getting new jeans 2 sizes (4 inches) smaller – My family, both Yank and Brit – My health despite the daily headaches – My love, N, to whom I’ll have been married to for a full year now come the 17th.

What are you guys thankful for this week?


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5 thoughts on “Things I’m Thankful For #1

  1. Tons. I’m thankful for my job, Publix (a local grocery store), books, babies, ipod touch, flea-free apartment, sleeping in my own bed, my glasses, the fact that it’s sunday, my friends, my sister, healthy food.

  2. I’m thankful for…
    this blog~ my buddy stephanie~ my kid coming home after being in KY for a week~ sunshine~ rainbows~ ok not really any rainbows, but the thought is nice~ school is almost out~ my shopping spree yesterday~ kurtis being in a really great mood this past week~ my seniors getting ready for prom~ jelly~ ok not jelly either, but hopefully next week, jelly will get it’s due props~ ideas for dieting~ the apple store being sold out of ipads so I couldn’t spend too much money on one.
    And last but not least and bears repeating, my stephie.

    1. I am not thankful for leaving my stupid headphones at home, so now I am stuck in a library all day and can’t play any music.

  3. What to be thankful for? I guess for everything we more or less take for granted everyday in our lives.Your Grandad and I do have a lot to be thankful for.I’m thankful that your Mother and Norm are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel,and have good news after so long.Don’t ask about last week,only after getting down and doing yard work we were able to get up again. Sometimes we wonder and god forbid one won’t let the other help.I’m thankful you seem to be doing better and have a good outlook.

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