Keel’s Simple Diary

I have found the love of my life… well, other than N.  My Keel’s Simple Diary goes everywhere I do.  It’s attractive, it’s fun, it’s thought provoking, it’s boredom busting.  I LOVE IT.  But no one’s ever heard of it, which is a shame.

Simple Diary is best explained by going to the website, here:

Or for you highly advanced internet-ers:

Anyhow, it’s basically the most random, non-commital diary EVER.  There’s no rules, no feeling like I have to write every day.  The questions are hilarious and they really do make you think.  So every Tuesday, I’m going to share an entry from my Simple Diary with you guys.  I’d love to hear your answers!

From now on, I’ll try to scan the entries, but today I’ve just had to take a crappy quality photo.

So to translate, cuz it is hard to read from the photo:

Date:  13/04/2010

Your day was:  (only choose one)

(x)Sensual  ( )Unconscious  ( )sitting on a bench

Explain why:  the warm sun, the feel of the earth in my hands, “Feelin’ Good” by Nina Simone

“If one does only what needs to be done, one most likely shall never have fun”.

Draw or sketch a face of a woman, a man and a child:

(You can look at the photo for that)

Instinctively, you relate to the face of

( )the woman  ( )the man  (x)the child

There you go.  I’d like to know what your guys’ answers would be!  Was your day sensual?  Unconscious?  Sitting on a bench?


PS.  I’m listening to the Bee Gees with N and making crazy, stereotypical disco dance moves.  Very fun.  And how is it that he has NEVER seen Saturday Night Fever????????  I must fix this, pronto.

If you’re interested in getting in touch, tweet me at @stephanie_khani or @londondiaries1.  Alternatively you can email me at emailthelondondiaries [at]


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