The end of days!

I wanted to write the first “Loving London” post today and was all geared up to gush about double decker buses.  And then I woke up to this all over the news:

Icelandic volcanic ash alert grounds UK flights

No joke.

So today my “Love London” post is going to be about freak “volcanic ash” storms, which never happen.

For those of you living under a rock, or for you Americans who only hear about news dealing with your own country (kidding!), there was a volcanic eruption in Iceland this morning.  With the weather system and the way the wind was moving, the giant ash cloud has steadily made its way into the airspace over the UK and Ireland.  Naturally, everyone is in a panic and stressing out.  There are no flights in or out of the UK or even over the UK until at least 6 pm, and even after that, they don’t think there are going to be any flights this evening.  Tomorrow is debatable.

Luckily enough, the ash shouldn’t get low enough to even be visible, much less cause any health problems.  No worries there, then!

What a world we live in, eh?

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