Things I’m Thankful For #2

This week, I am thankful for:

Anniversaries – coffee – muffins – strawberries for breakfast – picnics – more and more sunshine – Jeremy Kyle Show – the ever-hilarious Ash Cloud of Doom – Nick Clegg, who is rising in the polls – bus drivers who see you running for the stop and stop the bus to wait for you – skirts – flip flops – Hall & Oates – Billy Joel – Tiffany’s – notes from N – good white wine – the Big Easy – day dreaming – setting goals – seeing friends from Berea in London – flowers – market stalls – popsicles on hot days – painting my toenails – cold glasses of water – our new Alessi fruit bowl – rescuing cool, wooden chairs from the side of the road to clean off and put on the balcony – organizing my bookshelf – selling stuff on gumtree and ebay – Twenty Easy Ways to Be Happier – Spanish omelet – jamon serrano – the new Spanish deli across the way – winning $4 on lottery scratch offs from home – falling asleep with N without meaning to – the smell of clean sheets – surprises.

What about you guys?  What’s been good for you this week?


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