Long time no see….

Things over here have been meeeeeeega boring for the most part, so I didn’t really have anything to write about.

And I still don’t.

But the sun is finally shining, temperatures are up… and I have a cold.  Oh, and a sunburn.  How stupid is that?

So I dropped 15 quid today on Zataran’s, Miracle Whip and sweet pickles.  The price I pay for a bit of America.  Sheesh.

I have a favorite commercial now (lame, yes)… And every time it comes on, I absolutely stop whatever I’m doing, run to the tv (if I’m not already there) and wiggle my bum along to it like a maniac.  Needless to say, N now thinks I’m insane, but he laughs like an idiot whenever he watches me, so I can’t be too crazy!  Anyhow, it’s an ad for a fruit juice called 5 Alive and it stars the most bodacious computer-generated dodo.  Love it, my friends, love it.

The song is called “I’m Alive” and it’s by Don Fardon, though I think Tom Jones did it originally.

Well… guess that’s all for now.


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