Soooooooooooo….. I have figured out I can have a fab night at home, courtesy of “me man”, tacos, Strongbow and stupid movies.

Finally joined the rest of the world and watched Superbad.  It was super-stupid, but at least laugh-worthy.

Anyhow.  Strongbow (cider, for you ‘mericans) plus tacos equals silliness.  Some fantastic lines from tonight?

N:  If you didn’t drink it all, we could keep nice liquor.


Me: (while making potato salad for tomorrow’s bbq at 11pm)  There’s pickles…. pi… pick… ONIONS!  Onions all over the floor!


Me:  I feel like singing Lady Gaga… ‘Oooooooohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Caught in a bad romaaaaaaaaaaaaance’ (N joins in at this point and we sing half of the song).


Me:  There’s a new Hanson album out next week.  Dunno how I feel about that.


Me:  You’re gonna need to Hoover that.


N:  You’ve got a potato to peel!  Don’t steal mine!

Me:  Oh.  Um.  I totally just took your potato.  I’ll peel mine.


Me:  I’ve got onions between me toes!


N:  Sooooo…. I switched our drinks while you weren’t looking.  You’ve actually had a lot more than what you think.

Me:  That’s like… date rape.


Best night I’ve had in a while…. just eating tacos, watching Superbad and making potato salad.  I needed to laugh a lot more than I think anyone realized.


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