Behold, the urban gardener

The garden (our balcony) finally looks nice enough to take a few photos, and a certain few people (ahem, grandparents) have been hassling me for photos so here we go.

The left side
The right side. I don’t have anything to hang the hanging basket on, so it’s currently chillin’ out, hanging off the railing.
I’ve forgotten what these little suckers are called… I bought them cuz I thought they looked really weird/unique.
The rosemary and mint, duking it out for space. Both started out really tiny and have really taken over.
The lemon thyme. It’s thyme. And it tastes like lemon. Weird.
The crazy sage… also started off small and just went bezerk.
I love, love, love my marigolds. They’re so bright and colorful!
(left to right) Thyme, parsley, oregano, curry plant. Though the parsley is obviously the boss.
Hanging basket with lots of viney things.
And finally, our shabby-but-chic-little-bit-of-country mini stool with watering can.

I do love my little garden… even if I can barely even step out on the balcony now.  🙂


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2 thoughts on “Behold, the urban gardener

  1. I really do love our little, minuscule, plot of land.

    I’m going to have to tactically assault the parsley with the scissors tonight.

  2. These grandparents were glad to see your garden,it makes a person feel good to see things growing again.I just had to go out and take photos of flowers that will be finished blooming by the time you get back.I especially like the weird flower but go figure.

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