I wasn’t going to go there, but….

Americans are being a bit dumb.

For people to protest and say they want an apology from the Queen herself for the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is just… well.. dumb, misinformed and asinine. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23846190-bp-boss-tony-hayward-sliced-and-diced-by-us-congress-over-oil-spill.do

I said it.

Yes, it’s awful.  The whole situation is pathetic and I really feel for all of the “normal people” being affected–not the politicians and not the heads of companies.  BUT–I don’t think the ANSWER is in blaming Chief Exec Hayward.  Yes, BP (not British Patroleum in a long time) has its faults and problems, and yes, they need reform and need to rethink their methods and machinery and practices.  But is Hayward directly responsible?  I don’t think so.  That’s like saying Bush was directly responsible for 9/11.  It’s the same thing.  He had intelligence on attacks as Hayward had reports about the issues on that rig.  Neither of them acted.  But neither of them set off the explosions or flew the planes into the towers.  Pointing fingers isn’t going to change what happened–it’s only going to prolong the healing process for the locals and prolong making changes in the way we use, consume and obtain oil.  The answer is in finally looking at and implementing new ways of harvesting energy.

Yep.  Said it.

This is Obama’s “Katrina” and truth be told, he’s not handling it much better.  (FYI, militaristic language probably wasn’t the way to go).

I said that too.

Let the bitchiness, Obama defending backlash begin.

After all, if you’re not for Obama, you’re not for freedom.

(Gosh, that sounds familiar… I think I was hearing that a few years back.  Hm.)

As an aside, HURRAHHHHHH for USA drawing with Slovenia 2-2 after being down by 2 at the half.  We would have won if the ref had been wearing his glasses and realized we weren’t fouling Slovenia when the ball hit the net, but rather the other way around.

Oh well.  Just need to beat Algeria.

And somehow, someone on my street has one of those annoying South African buzzing horn thingys.  Shit.


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2 thoughts on “I wasn’t going to go there, but….

  1. I’m only commenting about the last two sentences, for I don’t even want to get into BP.

    They have a vuvuzala?


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