Trip to Brighton


N’s birthday was the week before last, on the 22nd of June.  I wanted to do something really fun and really cool, but since it was a Tuesday and we both had to work the next day, my options were a bit limited.  We’d talked about going to down to Brighton so many times, and even made plans to do so, but everything just kind of fell through for one reason or another.  Brighton seemed like THE perfect day trip out of the city.

And it was… barring a few hitches beforehand.  I had booked the train tickets pretty far in advance because they were so cheap.  Well, the bank finally changed the name on my account, issued me a new card, and cut up my old one.  I’d forgotten that I couldn’t get my tickets without the card I booked with.  So after calling Southern Rail and talking to about three different “superiors”, the result was me having to take the loss and rebook with a new card.  The bitch of it was, when I rebooked the tickets for the exact same times/stations, they were nearly half the price of the first set.  Arrrrrgh!


So where’s Brighton, you ask?

It’s pretty much directly south of London.  Getting there took about an hour and twenty minutes on two different trains.  Getting home that evening only took 45 minutes on one train.  That’s less than my commute time from home to work… And I only like 8 miles or so from work!!!!!


We left London at nearly 7am and were on the beach by 8.30.  I have to say it was absolutely lovely and amazing to be sitting on the beach like that on a work day.  No stress, just the sound of the waves.

We spent a few hours on the beach until the aquarium opened and then spent an hour or two there looking at all of the cool fish and sharks and stuff.

Eventually we left the aquarium and took to wandering around.  We came across a beautiful garden with a war memorial fountain in it.  More spectacularly so, we stumbled across the Taj Mahal.  Er… a knockoff of the real thing anyhow!

The Taj

King George IV had the Royal Pavilion (locally known as ‘The Taj’) built after a trip to India.  No joke.

We kept wandering around until we got hungry.  So we headed down to Brighton Pier for, you guessed it, fish and chips.  And cider.  Mmmmmmm cider.

There are two piers in Brighton:

The Brighton Pier and the West Pier.

Brighton Pier, with rides and arcades galore, and the best fish and chips place I’ve ever been to!
West Pier, which has caught on fire twice and is too expensive to actually demolish and dispose of. Creepy.

So we had lunch and ended up back on the beach, napping in the sun for a few hours.  Lots of sunscreen was involved, and the only bit of me that got red was my nose!  Had a nice tan.

Then we got up and went off for drinks–several–at one of the seaside pub bars.  Yum!

After even more wandering around and shopping, I ended up with a bad headache (too much sun and booze) and we had dinner at a sushi place.  We then stumbled back and forth between the train station and the beach and ended up staying by the water while we waited for our train home.

T’was a lovely, fantastic day.

Definitely will be going down to Brighton more often!


PS.  New camera works fantastically, and I can’t wait to get the chance to really use it!

PSS.  Packing today for the trip back to the USA!!!

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