Tripping the light fantastic…

9:45 am (London time)

So here I am at Heathrow.  And I’m massively bored.  I think I overestimated the whole traffic thing on the way here.  There was no need to leave at 7am.  Oh well.  I’m here, my bags are dropped, I’m through security… and I have 2 hours before my flight boards.  Crap.  But by the time you read this, I’ll be in KY.  As I’m too cheap to actually pay for the internet here at Heathrow, I’ll copy and paste all of this into a blog entry later.

Anyhow.  Bored.  I tried reading more of The Lacuna, but I’m too keyed up.  Must’ve been that coffee.  That being said, Kingsolver’s newest read (a massive one at 600 pages) is absolutely amazing and I have a feeling that I’ll fly right through it.  No pun intended of course.

Still bored.  I suppose I could watch an episode or two of Cake Boss here on my laptop, but I don’t really feel like doing that either.  I’ve banned myself from the bookshops as I know what happens whenever I go into one.  I can’t buy any perfume or cologne as I have to go back through security at Chicago O’Hare, and I can’t have any liquids.  So boo.

Instead, I’m blogging (delayed) and listening to the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack.  Too cool.

I miss N already.  Really.  He wrote me the sweetest note ever that I wasn’t supposed to read until I got on the plane, but as he acknowledged in the note, we both knew I wouldn’t wait till then.  It’s our first time away from each other for longer than a night or two.  It’s really got me into a panicked state of mind.  I’m used to having him there and taking care of me and everything else.  I’m used to talking to him.  I’m used to cuddling up to him when I don’t feel well or when I’m nervous (like I am now).  He’s my best friend.  My right arm.  My soul mate.  My twin.  My ‘brutha from another mutha.’  N’s all of those cliches and more.  He’s amazing.  And I know we both need the time on our own–it’s healthy and whatnot–but that doesn’t mean I like it.  What can you do though, right?

Crap.  I’ve only been writing for 10 minutes.  Crap crap crap crap crap.  Crap.  It doesn’t help that I’m sitting near a departures board, a Starbucks and a bookshop.  That does not help pass the time.


I have a feeling I might be going to Starbucks in the next bit.

Airports really are the best place for people watching.  There’s all sorts here, and they’re all together in one place, mingling.  Most a reading the morning paper or a book.  A few are dozing.  Many of them look as anxious as I probably do.  Have I mentioned that I hate flying?

UGH.  Why do I not have games on my laptop?  Why do I not have The Sims or something?  Why??

I just found out that I have the Star Wars movies on my laptop.  Hm.

11:45pm (Louisville time)

I don’t know how I did it, but I’ve made it to Louisville.  After a significant delay on the tarmac at Heathrow and then my Chicago to Louisville flight being bumped up, I basically was <this> close to missing my second flight.

Thanks to my pleading and crying, the AA staff let me check in.  The lovely lady at security took pity on me and fast tracked me through.  And I made it.

Oh I made it.

So I’m home.  I spent the evening chatting and goofing around with my family.  I’d forgotten just how much I love having all of us together.

I still miss N, though.  Without him here it feels as though something is missing.


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