July Book Wrap Up

Books read:  3
Between the Assassinations – Aravind Adiga
The Lacuna – Barbara Kingsolver
The Flying Troutmans – Miriam Toews
Books abandoned:  2
Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel
The Glass Palace – Amitav Ghosh
Currently reading:
The Magician’s Apprentice – Ann Patchett
Best book: Probably “The Flying Troutmans”.  I devoured it in less than a full day, and it was absolutely hilarious.  The characters were vivid, normal and real–and there were a few parallels with my own!  What’s not to love about a woman leaving her boyfriend in France to come back to Canada to take care of her sister’s two children while she’s put away in a mental hospital and all of the troubles and hijinks that follow after leaving Canada on a roadtrip to Mexico to find the kids’ father?  Too fun!
I did enjoy “The Lacuna”, but I wasn’t as attached or endeared to it.  I felt it drug on in a few spots and I found that I wasn’t fully invested in the story until the last 200 pages or so.
Worst book:
I really, really did want to like Mantel’s “Wolf Hall”.  I went into the thick book not even a day after finishing the massive “Lacuna”, and maybe that was my problem.  Too many heavy reads all at once.  Whatever the case may be, I read nearly 50 pages of WH, but in the end I quit for one simple reason–pronouns and Mantel’s abuse of them.  And after digging around online, I found I wasn’t alone in my vexation.  Mantel loves her “he’s she’s and its” and hardly ever uses names.  It got to the point where I was rereading pages because I had no clue who was saying and doing what.  I really wanted to like it… and I may try and revisit it another time.
Books read to date in 2010:  35
I wanted to put this in last month, but completely forgot.  35 books!  That’s an average of 5 books per month.  Not bad!  My goal was 50, so I think I’ll be way over that mark before the end of the year.  Hurrah!
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