The little dude…

When I was little, er, younger (I’m still little), I used to eat ants.  I know, I know.  Ew.  I used to squish them with my finger, one by one and pop them into my mouth.  There was no taste, and I have no clue why on earth I liked eating them, but I did.

Now that I’m an aunt, I hope nobody tries to squish and eat me!

Well.  That was a crap pun.

Either way, I am now a proud and doting Auntie S and N is the crazy Uncle N.  My little sister had her baby yesterday afternoon.  “Baby Bubba” (not his name) came into the world quickly and (fairly) easily.  He’s 8lbs and 20 inches long with a honker that goes on for days.  They say he’ll grow into it, but I’m pretty sure he’s still going to have a pretty big nose.

The birth was such an absolute release of stress after all of the worrying and fretting about his skull condition and about L’s health.  I spent my evening yesterday a little weepy and just one click away from booking a plane ticket and getting the heck outta dodge.

But I’m still here in London, obviously.  And it’s cold.  Obviously.  But I’m plenty warm when I look at my little buddy’s first photos.  He’s gonna be a ladies man… I can see it already!

I almost want to have one!  Hmmmmmmmm….

XxxxxxX times a million,


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One thought on “The little dude…

  1. Grandad says you’re so smart because you were an anteater.We have not seen the little sweetie yet but will wait till they go home. It’s hard to believe we’re great grandparents, we’re sooooooo young.Ha.I have talked to L. and said she felt okay but tired.Your Mother has some good stories from the delivery room.

    Love to new Auntie and Uncle.


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