The yearly quest…

Every year around my birthday an epic event occurs–the quest for a dress/outfit to wear for my big day. Normally it takes days, several shops and a few tears and bouts of low self esteem, but I come out relatively happy. This year was a lovely surprise–the whole ordeal was relatively pain free!

L (mum in law) and I had actually met up to have lunch and then help her find some new duds and we decided to combine our trips and hunt for my birthday dress at the same time. Typically I go alone because I haaaaaate trying clothes on for other people with a passion, but L was soooo helpful. If something didn’t look good, she said so. If something looked good, she definitely made it well known. I knew she was being 100% truthful as well. With N, he’ll tell me anything looks great just to a) get me out of the shop so we can go home and b) to make me feel better.

So L and I went to Monsoon to look for my dress, and lo and behold I found it. I’d picked out 5 dresses to try on:

And the winner……

How cool is that?

I can not only wear it out, but it’s totally office-friendly as well!!!

For my birthday night out, I’ll be wearing it with a long, chunky necklace, my black, quilted leather toed heels that I got last year for my birthday as well as hot pink or hot orange tights.  I’m going total 60’s with this dress–it so looks the part!  Think:

Soooooooo excited!

X – S


2 thoughts on “The yearly quest…

    1. Awwww… thank you! Y’know, I started typing up an email to you a week or two ago and didn’t end up finishing because I thought it might be too weird/maybe you didn’t remember me… lol.

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