*cue the creepy X-Files theme music*

Something really bizarre (even for London) happened last night that had both N and I a bit freaked out (though he denies it the day after).

We managed to get into bed relatively early yesterday evening, about nine, and were just drifting off while watching tv.  I fell asleep first and was out for about 45 minutes or so.  N’s got a cold, and he got up at one point to blow his nose and take some medicine, which woke me up.  I started to fall back asleep when I realized there was a weird noise outside.  And then I got really confused because I was wearing my earplugs and couldn’t actually hear the noise so much as feel it.

At that point, about 10:45pm, N came back in the room and said something about a helicopter over the flat building.  I got up and went out the front door.  A black helicopter, with no lights, was literally hovering over our building/street.  It was really low down and lots of people were coming outside and looking outside their windows.  It was so loud and so absolutely weird.  I don’t want to sound “dramatic” or whatever, but just watching it I had this horrible sense of dread–almost like I was waiting for the thing to crash or explode or something.  After about five minutes it then began to make a wide circle around the area for another five minutes.  Eventually it just flew away.

N and I kept speculating as to what it was and the only real thing we could come up with was that they were probably looking for someone.  They didn’t have a searchlight on or anything like you’d expect, but I guess they could have been using heat seeking cameras I suppose.  I know one of the largest (and most famous prisons) in London and the UK is right down the road, Wandsworth Prison.  I pass it on the bus every day.  Every now and again someone escapes but it always makes the news.  Needless to say there was nothing on the news this morning.

And then a friend commented on Facebook this morning about how there was also a psychiatric hospital (aka loony bin) nearby.  I didn’t actually know that, so I google mapped it–Springfield Hospital–and discovered that it’s pretty much across the main road our street leads off of and then a minute’s walk.  Oh, and also that in the last 5 or 6 years some pretty nasty people have escaped–though most of them have been found or killed.  Wow.

I’ve always had this perception (like most people) of psychiatric hospitals being really gothic and creepy and with weirdos walking around and breaking loose and going on murderous rampages.  Fine, so I have the Hollywood perception.  So sue me.  But really, looking at photos of the place, it is pretty gothic and creepy looking.   What do you think?

Just gives me the creeps.

Of course I then had nightmares about helicopters and blimps following me around all night last night.  Blimps, you say?  Yes.  Blimps.  It makes more sense than you realize–I promise.  The book I’m reading right now, “The White Woman on the Green Bicycle”, takes place in Port of Spain, Trinidad.  In PoS (ha ha), they have a blimp (two or three now I think) that hovers above the city, supposedly “watching over” crime ridden areas.  There’s lots of speculation about the blimp in the book, so much so that it actually becomes a nefarious sort of character.  Very interesting.  Anyhow, I was really freaked out last night after reading about the blimp and then the helicopter showing up.

I’ll be checking the locks on the windows and doors a bit more obsessively than I already do for a while.  Whew.

X – S.


4 thoughts on “*cue the creepy X-Files theme music*

  1. Wow, the helicopter thing actually sounds freaky, I feel bad for winding you up now! I have a psychiatry placement in Springfield in February which is the only reason I knew about it, I’d thought it was a really pretty building until you pointed out the horror-movie level of creepiness!

    1. Ha ha… it’s okay, everyone loves to wind me up because they almost always get a reaction!

      Oooooohh… Placement at Springfield, eh? You’ll have to give me all the “crazies” goss… and sneak me in for a tour! 🙂

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