Wednesday Haiku

Ten minutes extra
cuddling in bed with him
makes the day worth it.


The night creeps in quick
like a feline stalking its
prey. I long for light.


Too much sugar in
my coffee. Curdles my tongue,
breaks my thoughts. Oh well.

X – S.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Haiku

  1. I apologized,
    Though they should be more than I,
    She whines, I’m content.

    Yesterday is gone,
    Today was my single goal,
    And I’ve succeeded.


    Not all was peachy,
    But I know I’ve righted wrongs,
    Now I can be proud.

    I’m really getting into Haiku week!

  2. I’m loving haiku week too! Did a Tuesday one just before bed:

    A lone star burns bright,
    daring London’s smoggy skies
    to smother his light.

    And today’s:

    A smug error box,
    swallows all of my hard work.
    My palm hits my face.

    I love the ones you and Dest are doing.

    1. Those are fab, Nithya! I’m loving haiku week as well… I might have to do this once in a while. Maybe I’ll branch out to other forms of poetry as well! Sonnet, couplet, ode and ballad weeks all sound interesting…. hmmmmm.

      I can totally relate to your second one, btw.

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