Birthday Plans!

…. Will be a fab day.

I’m spending the morning/afternoon at The Sanctuary in Covent Garden and finally getting to use N’s xmas gift–a 50 minute spa treatment, champagne lunch and a 30 minute sound therapy session.  Mmmm.  Check it out and be jealous.

Then its home for a quick change, hair and makeup and then back out to meet up with N and my bestie J and her fiance F for dinner.  N’s mum and bf may or may not be there, but either way it’ll be a blast.

After that, N and I are going to The Comedy Store for a few laughs.  Hopefully after that we’ll stop somewhere for a few celebratory drinks.

Saturday (my actual birthday) is going to be fairly low-key.  We’re going to sleep in (whoooo hooo!!!) and N is going to make me french toast, which I haven’t had in aaaaages.  Then the whole day is pretty much free until the evening.  We’re going to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to see Henry IV part 1.  Very cool!

Then it’s back home for a quiet dinner of Zatarans (mmmm!) and N’s red velvet cake!  We’re going to try to stay up and watch the Kentucky game that night as well.

Very excited!

X – S.


One thought on “Birthday Plans!

  1. Happy 4th.Hope your Friday was everything you expected. And your Sat. as well. Grandad recieved the cards and got a big kick out of them.Happy Birthday again.

    x memomand grandad

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