100th Post!!!

This post marks my 100th, so I thought I’d commemorate the occasion by doing a list of 100 things you may (or may not!) know about me.


  1. My favorite color is yellow.
  2. I have a thing for owls and owl jewelry.
  3. I often get mistaken for being Australian because of my mottled accent.
  4. I’m sick to death of the Kentucky Fried Chicken jokes when people find out where I’m from.
  5. I’m secretly addicted to reality tv like Wife Swap and Supernanny and Jersey Shore.
  6. When I was little, I wanted to grow up and become a ballerina.
  7. My family (on both sides of the ocean) mean everything to me.
  8. I love being married, even if it’s something I have to work at every day.
  9. All of the books on my bookshelves (1 in London and 3 in Louisville) are arranged by color.
  10. I love Cheerios.
  11. In the last year or two, I’ve become a clean freak.
  12. I used to hate Friends, but now I sort of like it.
  13. I am a cat person.
  14. I hate (hate hate hate) riding on the Tube (underground).
  15. I’m slightly claustrophobic.
  16. I don’t like being in large crowds of people.
  17. I sleep with my quilt every night.
  18. Sunday cuddles make the weekend perfect.
  19. I love to cook, but given the choice I’d rather fix desserts.
  20. My cooking idol is Paula Deen.
  21. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
  22. I don’t like winter or being cold, but I do like wearing my soft sweaters (which hide my tummy–added bonus!)
  23. Even though I have a BA in English, there are lots of “classics” I’ve never read, like Pride and Prejudice (and I don’t intend on reading it!!!)
  24. I can’t help but think of eggs as “chicken fetuses”.
  25. Twenty-five is my favorite number.
  26. I’m a Libra.
  27. I am *usually* willing to try *certain* new foods.
  28. My musical tastes are very diverse.
  29. I read an average of 4.5 books a month.
  30. I’m considering getting a Kindle or e-reader of some sort.
  31. My favorite book (a kid’s book) is “Henry’s Awful Mistake” by Robert Quackenbush.
  32. I have headaches nearly every day.
  33. I used to hate coffee but I absolutely love it now.
  34. I hate British coins.
  35. I’m slowly learning to speak Spanish.  (I can tell you stuff about bunnies!  Not that that comes in very handy…)
  36. I have a crush on Russell Brand though I have no idea why.
  37. I don’t know how to drive.
  38. I love to write but know I’ll probably never make a career out of it.
  39. Monochrome colors make me bored.
  40. I keep having strange cravings for cherry coke, which I don’t even really like.
  41. I’m not pregnant.
  42. I do not have children.
  43. I want to travel all over with N.  We really want to go to India, Turkey and Egypt.
  44. I hate anything that has to do with “Twilight”.
  45. I’d rather see the sun rise than the sun set.
  46. The song “With Arms Outstretched” by Rilo Kiley always makes me cry.
  47. X – Factor is good and entertaining and I’ll follow it but I hate American Idol.
  48. I wish I wore more dresses.
  49. I have pretty low self esteem and a crappy body-image.
  50. Today (04 October) was the first time I’ve gone to work without makeup–ever.
  51. I feel nervous and anxious and paranoid if I leave the house without foundation on.
  52. I have five different cleaners for my bathroom that get used at least every 3 days:  one for glass/windows; one for the toilet bowl; one spray bleach for the toilet lid, rim, handle, etc; a tile cleaner and one foaming spray for the sink, tub and taps.
  53. I don’t think I have OCD about cleaning, but I might.
  54. I don’t adhere to any religious group but I am spiritual in my own way.
  55. I think strikes and “union action” are most times unnecessary and stupid.
  56. I am short and coming to terms with it.
  57. I cannot tolerate or stand rude people.
  58. I want a career doing something that matters and makes a difference.
  59. I will one day lose my cool.
  60. I like funky and interesting shaped/designed post-its.
  61. I am very anxious to leave London for good.
  62. I listen to Chicken Fried Radio.  You should too.  http://chickenfriedradio.com/
  63. I also met my husband through Chicken Fried Radio, so not only is it a kick ass podcast but it’s almost kind of a dating service! http://chickenfriedradio.com/
  64. I’ve also met some really cool people through Chicken Fried Radio. http://chickenfriedradio.com/
  65. I won’t plug Chicken Fried Radio anymore in this post. http://chickenfriedradio.com/
  66. Or maybe I will… http://chickenfriedradio.com/
  67. I have a sick sense of humor (see 62 – 66).
  68. I like having fresh flowers on the table.
  69. I have a super secret plan about moving back to the US (Kentucky) that I won’t tell anyone… but they’ll know it when it happens.
  70. I think Macs are superior to PCs, but I’m not a snob about it.
  71. I miss my bff  R and how close we used to be.
  72. There’s nothing better than a hot bubble bath on a cold day.
  73. I don’t like having less than 300 quid in my bank account at any given time “just in case”.  When I have less than that, I have trouble sleeping and spend a lot of my day worrying about what could happen.
  74. I think that duct tape can fix 99.9% of “things that need fixin'”.
  75. I want to die my hair fire red, even if it’s just a temporary wash out dye.
  76. I want another tattoo.
  77. I fell off of a bus today (05/10)
  78. I’ve been a Hanson fan since I was 11 or 12, and I still am.
  79. I don’t really like Hanson fans (or Fansons).
  80. I don’t understand why we’re so wrapped up in the lives of celebs or what makes them so interesting, but I’m guilty of falling in line with that.
  81. Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters usually make me cry every week.
  82. I don’t like Rachel on Glee.
  83. I looooooooooove my Memom’s broccoli with cheese casserole.  If she could send it to me through the post, I’d totally ask her to.
  84. I don’t like Mondays or Wednesdays.  They’re useless days.
  85. I can’t watch people eating gross stuff–it literally makes me gag.
  86. I’m a Cats fan.
  87. I’m glad they haven’t found a way to invent smell-o-vision yet.
  88. I would like to lose anywhere from 20-50 pounds.
  89. I generally let people (friends, co-workers, clients) walk all over me.
  90. I’m too nice to a fault.
  91. I love it when people stop by where I work and they’re Americans.
  92. I don’t like mums with prams (moms with strollers for you ‘mericans).  They’re some of the most obnoxious and self centered people out there.
  93. I don’t mind taking the bus when it’s running properly.
  94. I could use a cuddle.
  95. I like to knit, but can’t do anything except rectangular shapes (scarves).  I’ve got one for every outfit!  🙂
  96. I wish I laughed/smiled more.
  97. I like fast, pretty cars.
  98. I miss being a student.
  99. I think I could be a better, nicer person.
  100. I am who I am, and I won’t apologize for that.

Whew!  So happy 100 posts.  Thanks for those of you who have stuck with me–hey, you’re mostly family soooooo it’s not like you have much of a choice!  To those of you who read and don’t respond to posts, START!  Let me know who you are!  My grandmother can’t be all 60-some odd hits on a given day!



3 thoughts on “100th Post!!!

  1. Happy hundreth! What do you have against British coins? US notes really confused me with their identical size and nearly identical colours.

    Also how did you fall off a bus?! Hope you’re OK! x

  2. Your family here can come up with another 100 things about you starting with the child a year old that was able to tell her Grandad what he was getting for Christmas to her favorite outdoor snack.Then there was the man wearing the Harley shirt and his dog.In between ther has been a lot of laughing and some crying.All your achievements your school years up to your marriage.This crazy family wouldn’t want you to be any different.

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