Anyone wanna buy me this book?

After reading an excerpt on The Guardian’s website, I desperately want this book. I’m thinking it’d make the perfect Christmas gift from a certain someone *ahem ahem*.

“Us: Americans Talk about Love” looks like an amazingly sweet and also interesting read. The excerpt from the book can be found here:

My favorite snippet was for Ethelle and Burt, which starts off:
My mother told me, “Never wear red shoes. If you wear red shoes, you’re fast.” So the first thing I did when I got to college was go out and buy a pair of red heels. This was 1951. Burt was in architecture school, I was in social work school. He came to live in the same building as me. The first thing he saw was the back of me, and what he thought was, “Boy, you have a great ass” – which he insists I still have. So that’s the way we met.

I love love love it! Reminds me of my grandparents (awwww)!

So yes, please someone buy me this book? Anonymous gifts are also accepted. 🙂

*I was going to write a longer, more involved entry but I’ve been all over London and back today–our bed broke last night (nothing interesting was happening, sorry) and we could either buy a new piece for our current bed which is a massive 6ft by 6ft or we could buy a whole new bed and mattress in a smaller size (which we’d planned to do after the new year to  maximize the space in our flat).  So we took the plunge and with the help of my fantastic mum-in-law we ordered a new 4ft by 6ft (double) bed.  Now that N’s lost a lot of weight we’re comfy on a double bed and we don’t need the huge assed bed anyhow.  Unfortunately the new bed is on order, so we won’t have it until (at the earliest) late this week.  Until then, we’ve got our mattress on the floor.  Boo.*

X -S


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