Calling all teachers, book lovers and avid readers:

Oh, how I wish

I have a job for you, my fellow bookworms and teachers (particularly of the English Lit variety):

I have two eight-foot bookshelves and one three-foot bookshelf completely full of books that I either:

a) haven’t read and don’t intend to read


b) have read and don’t plan on reading again

I’d really like to get rid of as many books as possible–I’m trying to de-clutter my life and having a bunch of dusty, non-used books lying around isn’t helping matters. So this is where you all come in! While I’m home in December/January, come over and take some of them off my hands! I’ve got a bit of everything: classic fiction, trashy mysteries, historical fiction, bit of non-fic here and there… you get the idea. Whether you’re stocking up for your English class *ahem* or just looking for a few new books to read, come over, have a cup of tea and a chat and bring a box to take all of your goodies away in! All of my books are in good or useable shape and there are quite a few “like new” as well. No coffee stains or waterlogged pages here!!

It goes without saying, however, that I do have final say over what goes and what stays. I have a few signed copies, limited editions and books that belonged to my great grandparents and great aunt that I’m not willing to part with as well as a few books that I plan on reading. I will do my best to remove all of those from the shelves so you’re none the wiser!

If you’re interested, please let me know and we’ll figure out when you can come by! If there aren’t any takers (and WHY wouldn’t there be!!??) I’ll be boxing all of the books up and taking them to a local charity shop–so either way, they’re going!



5 thoughts on “Calling all teachers, book lovers and avid readers:

  1. loh2rxsmoetvnB4 June 7, 2011Wow, loving someone who couldn’t care less even if they tried. Four minutes ’til lights out. Thanks for this post. I’ll check her out on YouTube and see what other tips she has. That song is beautiful and painful.And why? Why do I love like this and can’t get out? To love like this is to be caged. The door is right there, but I refuse to walk away. Walking away isn’t even a possibliTA.I ain’t supposed to be here. But thanks anyway.

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