‘Tis the season…

… to over-indulge on too much drink on a night out.  Had too much wine at the work do?  Too many pints out with your mates?Hey, it’s Christmas, so why not??

But there’s nothing worse than waking up the next morning to a frosty, cold hangover.  Stabbing headaches, nausea, cotton mouth–we’ve all been there.  I’ve got a few tried and true “cures” for hangovers to help you out of “black void” that is “the morning after”.

  • One sure way to help lessen the effect or even the likelihood of a hangover is to make sure you eat before you go out on the lash.  I don’t mean have a huge steak and baked potato and then go get shattered… and eating right before drinking is a sure recipe for the barfies.  But have a regular meal… breads are fantastic to sop up the alcohol in your system.
  • Drink lots and lots of water before, during, and if possible after.  Part of the symptoms of a hangover stem from dehydration–alcohol sucks the water out of your body.  You might have to wee more than normal, but it’s worth it in the end.
  • One of my colleagues at work swears on soup after drinking.  I’ve never tried it, but I thought I’d throw it out there.
  • Avoid dark colored alcohol as it tends to make the effects of a hangover worse.
  • Fresh air helps.  If the sidewalks aren’t too slippy, venture out for a few and embrace the icy cold air.  Not only will it wake you up but it will also leave you feeling a bit more sober after.
  • Get loads and loads of sleep.  The best way to get through a hangover is sleep–you’re less likely to notice the pain!
  • The morning after, stick to bland-ish foods straight away, like toast or crackers.  Smell is one of the causes of nausea, so the less smelly the food the better!  A glass of juice and a glass of water are fab as well–they replenish the sugar levels in your body and rehydrate you.
  • Avoid taking any pain killers–your liver has enough to contend with burning off all the alcohol in your system!

And you could always just not drink… but why would you want to do that??  🙂

Happy (and safe!!!) drinking!




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