“Holy Crap!”

*Note*  Sometimes when I’m out and about the mood takes me and I jot down a few thoughts.  I was early for a training course this morning near Trafalgar Square so I sat down and wrote a few pages.  I’ve typed them out below.

Trafalgar Square in London. Nelson's Column. Taken November 2005.

There are days when I have these profound, yet silly “holy-crap-I’m-in-London” moments.  Those days usually are spurred on by trips into the city or, occasionally, by the sight of the London Eye or Canary Wharf from my flat.

Today’s “holy crap” moment has been brought on by Trafalgar Square.  It’s a weird little space; open to the sky but completely made of concrete.  Bordered by my favorite museum, The National Gallery and a busy road and shops on The Strand, the square seems to be the center of everything.  Here is where a lot of the protests begin in London; where parades and cultural festivals kick off; where tourists flock, wielding cameras and tripods; where lovers meet, teenagers hangout and museum goers sit down for a quick lunch.

So today is one of those “holy crap” days, for sure.

Sometimes, like today, I can see the appeal that this city holds for millions.  Sometimes I can understand why people from all over the world come here, legally and illegally, leaving behind lives and families to live in tiny flats, one on top of the other like building blocks.  I can see why they work hard day in and day out just to get by and afford to live here, to thrive here.  It may be a dingy, crowded, noisy and all out bizarre city, but there is just something undeniably romantic and exciting about London.

I can’t say that I love living here because I honestly don’t.  I’m a country (or at least a suburban) gal through and through–give me blue and (relatively) unpolluted skies and all things green any day.  But I can say that I like living here for the most part.  And there are some days, mostly of the “holy crap” variety, where I actually enjoy living here.  And at the end of the day, that’s all you can ask for.



(If you’d like more information on the history of Trafalgar Square, check out http://www.london.gov.uk/trafalgarsquare/)


One thought on ““Holy Crap!”

  1. This squared! I get a bit ashamed of the fact that I’ve lived here five years and don’t know how to walk from one landmark to the other. When friends visit and want a tour I print off walking guides and cram them into my short term memory and when they’re like “wow, it’s so pretty!” I’m just as taken aback as they are 🙂 But I can name the top three curry houses/kebab places/chinese takeaways and the only two italian resaurants in my area. That’s a special kind of skill too.

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