A Big Royal Hoo-Hah

As I’m sure you’ll already know, there was a small to-do here in London yesterday–apparently a prince got married or something.


Okay, so throughout the last few months, all of the coverage of the wedding has been, without mincing words, barf inducing.  I mean, fair play to the couple; they’re in love, they’re getting married, good on them.  But do I need to hear every last little detail??  And to be honest, I had planned for N and I to actually leave London on Friday to go to Hastings just to get away from it all and avoid all of the lovey-dovey crap going around.

That being said, even I got caught up in yesterday’s festivities.  I’m a secret sucker for weddings (movies, books, real life, you name it) and I just about always shed a tear or two.  The royal wedding was no exception.  I couldn’t help but watch all of the coverage during the day and then the highlights that night.  It was just amazing.  Or maybe that was the endless amount of champagne I’d consumed before noon giving me that watery eyed, romantic feeling?

So N’s mum had a small little get-together with some friends and we decided to join as we were here and not in Hastings as planned.  I’m really, really glad we did.  I got to sit around with a bunch of girls (er, women) and criticize, oogle and exclaim over every little fashion faux pas and every little cute touch.  And, being completely honest, it helped that I was on the booze at 10am.  Light champagne, dark champagne, PINK champagne–my glass was never empty!

Our royal spread

I think the best part about the whole experience of being in London for yesterday’s nuptials was the sense of pride and patriotism running rampant through the streets.  Everyone was throwing a party, there were Union Jack flags everywhere, and everyone just seemed to be having such a good time.  Life’s been so depressing as a whole lately, I think, for everyone, that a celebration was much needed.  It was a day to feel good and hopeful–not just for Will and Kate, but for everything else.

But the wedding itself–AH!  There’s just so much to talk about!  So I’ve broken it down below…

The Guests/Fashion:

The variety of guests present was almost weird–David and Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham, The Royal Family, David Cameron, foreign dignitaries, Elton John all mixed with the odd “peasant”, a member of extended family or close friend.  Very strange indeed… and very daunting!  Even stranger, however, were some of the outfits and hats that made appearances.  Posh looked very severe and dressed for a funeral (our general consensus anyhow) and we could not get over what Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie showed up wearing:


What were they thinking???

Best of all though, had to be socialite Tara Palmer Tomkinson’s hat.  We all decided it looked like… well… lady bits.  Or a canoe, if you’re wanting to be all p.c. about it.

Queenie looked okay–I think I was the only one in our group who thought her yellow outfit was nice.  Didn’t care too much for the hat though.  Guess I’m just not a hat person.

The Groom & Co:

Ahhhhhh, weren’t William and Harry just dashing??  They looked like something out of a Disney movie–two Prince Charmings!  Other than the little balding patch on Will’s head, they looked fantastic.

The Bride & Co:

Oh.  My.  God.  The Dress.  I nearly peed myself with excitement when I caught the first fleeting glimpse as Kate got into the car.  I then nearly had a heart attack of sheer happiness when I found out that the dress was created by Sarah Burton from the Alexander McQueen label.  It really was the perfect dress for her–and I know you’re probably rolling your eyes and accusing me of gushing right now but damn, was it perfect.

Kate’s sister, Pippa, looked absolutely stunning as well.

The Ceremony:

I think we all talked through the majority of the ceremony, with the exception of the vows.  It was longwinded and boring, but I get that it’s all tradition and following royal protocol and everything… so I’ll forgive them that.  There was a massive rumor the day before the wedding however that the couple had written their own vows and I was hoping against hope that it was true.  Sadly, no.  I think unique, self-written vows would have made the whole thing really intimate and special.

The Music:

Again, all very traditional, but I cannot stop listening to “I Was Glad” (written by C. H. H. Parry) and “Jerusalem” was a favorite as well.

The Decor:

Very simple and understated.  Where they could have had ornate and overpowering floral arrangements, the couple chose maple trees to line the aisle of the abbey.  Gorgeous touch.

The Procession:

Fantastic and natural–and apart from the runaway horse (did you notice it?) at the start, went off without a hitch!

The Kiss:

You know, everyone said it was really cold and really sterile.  I agree to a certain extent; I would have liked Will to have swept Kate off her feet with a fantastic snog of a lifetime.  I’m guessing Queenie put the kibosh on that.  I do get the simple kiss though–they’re a very private couple and have been up until now.  Why would they start snogging in public and such now?  They did get a bit cheeky and go in for a second kiss, which was, (barf) absolutely adorable.  You just can’t help but like them and root for them, right?

Overall Verdict:

Outstanding day.  The wedding itself was lovely but even nicer was the wonderful company I was in, the cute little British sandwiches we feasted on and of course, the booze.  It was a good party and in the end I’m glad we didn’t end up on the beach in Hastings.  It was too cold for it anyhow.



PS:  If you’re looking for one last little royal wedding fix, check out this interesting and hilarious article from The Independent.  There’s lots of little facts and tid-bits there, like the cost of the postage to mail the invitations was £874.



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