Things I Love Thursdays

I wanted to try something a bit new with my blog—not only as an exercise in thankfulness and positivity but as a means of writing something more regularly.

I first read about Things I Love Thursdays (TILT) through Gala Darling’s Blog and I’ve always admired the way that she (and loads of other people!) never fails to celebrate the big things and the little things they love without fail every Thursday. My Memom shared a quote with me from her calendar the other day that said “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things” (Robert Brault). So here’s to celebrating the little things, the big things and most of all, the happy things!

TILT: 09 June 2011

Early morning walks before work ¬ double rainbows (all the way!) ¬ new friends ¬ funny t-shirts like this one ¬ Finishing my work day at 4pm ¬ sunny, warm days ¬ purple pens ¬ paperclip jewellery ¬ having a 50K week ¬ Ghost Hunters ¬ Kentucky accents ¬ A Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart  ¬ my two favourite blogs: The Blogess and Blogging Dangerously  ¬ the episode of Spongebob Squarepants where they learn swear words ¬ Tèa Obreht winning the Orange Prize for Fiction (“The Tiger’s Wife” is on my summer reading list) ¬ Finding out that L actually reads my blog AND is now subscribing to it (!!!) ¬ cuddling up to the hubs for just 5 more minutes before getting up in the morning ¬ the awesomeness that Kitchen Switchin’, my friend M’s blog, will be once it gets going ¬ oatmeal chai raisin cookies ¬ listening to Oasis’s “What’s the Story… Morning Glory ¬ treating myself to a nice coffee before work ¬ my Get Fuzzy cartoon desk calendar ¬ listening to D’s honor band concert on my iPod ¬ working my way through all ten seasons of Friends with the hubs (who knows them all by heart) whilst pretending to hate it ¬ taco night ¬ the videos below:

I will so do this to my kid one day: (DARTH VADER KID)

This one made me laugh so hard I nearly peed myself: (warning, totally not safe for work or polite company)



PS—Show me your TILT’s!


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursdays

  1. I got mentions! Hurrah! And I’m going to do TILTs myself for something positive to look forward to, thanks for sharing, darling.

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