Switchin’ it up!

So N and I are big foodies (you’d know it by lookin’ at us!) and we’re always looking for new recipes to try–especially ones from home.  I miss my ‘Merican food somethin’ terrible and there are days when this Brit stuff just doesn’t cut it.  Up until now I’ve hit up the recipe book my family made for me before I moved over as well as a cook book here or there.

But I’ve got somewhere new to turn:  Kitchen Switchin’:  An Amateur Foodie’s Recipe Swap.  The blog is written and maintained by my friend M who, like N and I, likes to explore with food and try new things.  The concept is simple–she’s set up an email address for friends and readers to submit recipes.  Those recipes then get posted and “swapped” and shared around.  It reminds me a lot of something Jamie Oliver did over here a few years ago during his Ministry of Food initiative:  Pass It On.

Essentially, Jamie would teach a few people one of his easier recipes and then those people would teach it to two others and those people would then teach it to two more and so on… all in an effort to get people back in the kitchen and away from fast food places.

I know that’s not what Kitchen Switchin‘ is aiming to do, but it’s still got the same idea behind it–getting people into their kitchens and trying new things.

I’ll be trying out some of the recipes in the coming weeks (particularly the chicken nuggets!) and will post pics and let you know how it goes!!

Until then, check out M’s blog–follow it, send recipes and try the ones posted!

Happy eating!



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