Things I Love Thursdays, 16/06/11

Today’s been one of those days that tests my patience, resolve and nerves.  Thankfully, it’s a quarter to 9pm which means cuddling up in bed shortly with the hubs, so if nothing else I have that to look forward to.  Tomorrow is a new, and hopefully better day.

Now what I know you’re all waiting for–let me show you my TILT(s)!!!

Making boob puns out of the acronym TILT ♥ gorgeous, bright pink sunsets ♥ the crazy moon from last night’s lunar eclipse (did you see it?) ♥ light, easy chick reads ♥ the Kronenbourg (1664) “Slow the Pace” advertising campaign where they take famous, high energy songs and break them down into acoustic versions for their lager commercials ♥ “The Ace of Spades” acoustic version done for Kronenbourg (see video below, you won’t regret it) ♥ funny photos of my hubs ♥ weird song lyrics that are totally up for misinterpretation ♥ N’s birthday is next Wednesday (!!!) ♥ free stuff, like bottles of Prosecco ♥ Buckcherry’s self titled album ♥ J and F’s nuptials this weekend ♥ finding a hole in the wall cafe near work that serves Costa coffee (and is cheap!) ♥ the church bells that toll twice a day near the flat ♥ clean sheets ♥ the new blog look and layout ♥ snogging before bed ♥ South Park… it’s totally juvenile but I can’t help myself ♥ owls ♥ email convos with fab co-workers ♥ my sisters L and D telling me they missed me… on FACEBOOK (so there’s an actual record, ha ha) ♥ being poor… it’s not nice but it also means I’m not blowing my money on things I don’t really need (positive thinking!) ♥ fat cats ♥ watching videos of my little nephew ♥ knowing that no matter what happens in life, I’ve got the most amazing family and friends that a girl could ask for and that’s all that matters ♥

“The Ace of Spades” acoustic advert (if you can’t get enough and want to hear the full song, check it out here)

Louie Spence from Pineapple Dance Studios–he’s so unbelievably camp but I cannot get enough of him.  

Let’s see ’em… show me your TILTS, baby.




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