“We the jury find the defendant guilty…”

…of watching deliciously trashy, brain-numbing reality tv shows without remorse.

I am an unashamed fan of trashy, fake, silly and dramatic reality shows.  N and I could sit around and watch them all day and not get tired of them.  Here’s some of my favorites!

Maury – Ah, the trashy delight that started it all off for me several years ago.  Wonderfully nasty and horrible, Maury is a fave for me and N and we’re absolutely thrilled that it’s on twice a day over here on the weekends.  The clip is one of my favorites, and all I’ll say is “double cheeseburger with bacon.”


Jeremy Kyle – Jeremy Kyle (or Jezza) is an English version of Maury which touts itself as being a bit more highbrow.  It’s not… but it’s still fantastic.  The clip below made headlines recently as it was one of the first times a guest had managed to physically harm Jeremy… albeit with an envelope!


Cake Boss – Cake Boss isn’t so much trashy as it is interesting and fun to watch.  The things this dude makes out of cake are absolutely astounding.  The clip below is one of my favorite all-time moments.  It starts off a bit boring but wait until you’re a minute or so in… the look on the guy’s face is absolutely priceless.


Hookers Saved on the Strip -A new favorite that we just discovered this afternoon while trolling through our Virgin Media TV on Demand service looking for something “trashy and juicy”.  We sort of got what we were looking for and watched three episodes in a row of this show.  Annie Lobert, former prostitute, founded “Hookers for Jesus”, an organization which helps get prostitutes off the street and back into a stable life… not to mention back into church.  It was a bit bizarre, but if nothing else really interesting.


Pineapple Dance Studios – I mentioned Pineapple Dance Studios in my last TILT by posting a video of one of the characters, Louie Spence.  Also in PDS are several other characters including Andrew Stone, a dance instructor at the studios and lead singer of the group Starman.  If PDS is on (or the spin off, Show Business) I won’t watch anything else.


Jersey Shore – Ah, Jersey Shore.  I still don’t like admitting that I watch (and like) this trash, but I can’t help myself.  It’s like a mix of Real World and Jerry Springer with lots of fighting, sex and antics thrown in.


Toddlers and Tiaras – Ohhhhh a controversial one!  This show takes a look at the children’s beauty pageant scene and how kids are groomed to win.  Parents spend thousands of dollars on clothes, makeup, entry fees, coaching and whatever else they can think of to help their child win.  At times it’s pretty darn extreme and I’ll never, ever do this to my kid.


Dog the Bounty Hunter – An old favorite!  Sadly, Dog and his crew are no longer on TV over here in the UK–the Bravo channel isn’t available anymore so I’ll just have to settle for marathons on visits home.

Oh, and the South Park Parody (Cartman the Hall Monitor) never fails to make me laugh:


Hardcore Pawn – A new favorite as well.  We’ve only seen one episode so far but believe me, we’re going to be watching a hell of a lot more of this one!  The clip below isn’t great quality, but it’s from the episode we’ve seen and it is HILARIOUS!  Just wait for the bit at the end… it’s worth it!


Operation Repo – What could be more entertaining than watching a DeLorian (yes, the Back to the Future car) being repo-ed from a 20 year old Michael Jackson wanna-be?  Nothing.


Kitchen Nightmares – Ramsay’s shows are always a favorite but Kitchen Nightmares makes me never want to eat out again!


How Clean is your House – A very gross but entertaining show.  Kim and Aggie, once cleaners for the Queen, are tackling dirty abodes across the UK and teaching their residents simple and easy tricks to keep their houses clean and tidy.  Some of the filth they encounter is just shocking.


So what are your guilty pleasure shows?




4 thoughts on ““We the jury find the defendant guilty…”

  1. I hope you enjoyed the classiest of them all, my big fat gypsy wedding. I also used to love snog, marry or avoid 🙂 oh, oh, don’t forget the only way is Essex!

    1. I’ve never actually seen TOWIE…. and Big Fat Gypsy Wedding was probably one of the most disturbing/appalling things I’ve ever seen!! 🙂

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