TILT – 23 June 2011

Annnnnd it’s that time again already!

Things I Love Thursdays ♥

Birthday dinners at American bars ♥ Free bottles of Prosecco champagne ♥ Kentucky making the news here in the UK ♥ Finding out from the Daily Mail article that you can self-publish yourself on Kindle… if you’re not lazy! ♥ the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament… especially as I no longer have to go through Wimbledon to get to and from work… makes a difference! ♥ Hummingbird Bakery red velvet cupcakes ♥ friends’ weddings ♥ Petron, which I only thought existed in rap songs ♥ dessert buffets with fireworks and chocolate fountains ♥ South Park ♥ bouquets of deep red roses mixed with peach colored roses ♥ funny photos of friends and family ♥ the little glimpses of sun we’ve had this week ♥ The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher ♥ funny cards ♥ owls ♥ free Kindle books ♥ having things to look forward to ♥

Heinz “Neverending Love” Advert


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