TILT – 30 June 2011

hot hot days (finally!) ♥ rediscovering how much I like classic rock and making a playlist to listen to ♥ castles in the sky… or cities!  Weird!  ♥  Tiffanys offering relationship advice ♥ True Blood is back!! ♥ Carlos Ruiz Zafon (my favorite writer) has a new book out ♥ ice cold showers on a hot day ♥ Hardcore Pawn ♥ horoscopes that are so on the mark they’re scary ♥ being so confident that I’m right that I don’t need to argue it with anyone else ♥ my Get Fuzzy desk calendar ♥ coconut scented shampoo/conditioner ♥ sleeping with all of the windows open ♥ a nice cold bottle of cider or glass of wine in the evening ♥

Karl Pilkington–genius!!!

London UFOs — apparently this has been on the news everywhere but here




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