Curiosity Killed the Cat

I’ve had some really, really interesting visitor stats lately.  On a normal day with no post, I’ve been averaging around 20-30 views.  On a day when I post something up, I average around 50 views depending on what time I put the post up.  Wordpress is fantastic in that it lets me see where a LOT of my visitors come through from (Facebook/Twitter, Google search, email etc) but most of the views I get to the main page aren’t tracked.

So I’m really interested to know where you all are coming from.  I know a lot of you are people I know and am in contact with.  But for those of you who are strangers, how did you get here?  And more importantly, will you be staying?

Now I’m normally not a shameless self promoter and I normally don’t ask you lovelies for much… however… Can I ask for a favor?  If you’re reading my blog and you see a post you like, why not click the Facebook button at the bottom of the post?  Or the Tweet This button?  It takes two seconds and you’d be spreading my hilarity around to everyone you know in less than 10 seconds.  What could be more rewarding than that?

Go on, try it!




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