High School Hijinks

My youngest sister, D, is starting her first year of high school this fall.  How old does that make me feel?  Jeeze.  Now, I know she’s having a few misgivings and some nervy episodes about starting high school, so I thought that this week would be the perfect opportunity for another “blog-entry-a-day” exercise.

This week is High School Hijinks Week here on The London Diaries.  I’m going to take a break from all things Britty and Londony and talk about some of my favorite (and hilarious) memories from high school.  I want to show D what high school is all about, from laughs to mix cds (I guess you kids are on iTunes playlists these days) to moments so stupid you just can’t forget them.

Looking back on high school it’s more the little things I miss and remember rather than the big stuff that at the time is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVERRRRR.  Prom?  I went to three.  Beyond what I wore, I don’t remember a huge amount from any of them.  Homecoming?  Nah… I was there and I remember C being Homecoming Queen our senior year but beyond that?  Nada.

What I do remember are buzzing toilets, wet trousers, horrible assemblies, remakes of cult classics, hilarious (but serious) fights, having class on the floor, farts at the worst moments and just general silliness.  Above all, I remember having some of the best friends a person can have… B, R, C, K, J and T–this week of stories is also for you guys.

Sit back, grab a beer (you’re going to need it) and enjoy the ride.




3 thoughts on “High School Hijinks

  1. Very much looking forward to this! Aaaah my highschool (secondary school) days. Mine was very much like an Enid Blyton experience complete with lacrosse, pleated knee length skirts and, of course, NO BOYS. It’ll be grand to hear how life was for you 🙂

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