Tuesday High School Hijinks: Mas aguas, por favor.

In high school, we were required to take two years of a foreign language.  We weren’t given many options… our choice was either Spanish or French.  At the time I had no desire to learn French so I took Spanish along with C and R.

I don’t know how in the hell it started, but towards the middle of our second year in Spanish class, R got the idea to dribble a little water in C’s seat.  She did it and C, love her, sat down right in it.  Of course she then went around with a suspiciously wet behind for an hour or so but we all thought it was hilarious.

And then it grew.

EVERY SINGLE TIME C got up from her seat, we dribbled water.  Every.  Time.  And every time she sat back down in it.  She never once checked her seat… even the teacher couldn’t help but laugh.  That was the beauty of it… that she never learned.  Or if she did, she still took one for the team and sat in the water just to give us a good laugh.  C’s like that… she’s amazing, beautiful and would do anything to make her friends smile.

That’s one of my favorite class memories.




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