Wednesday High School Hijinks: Fisticuffs!

I had a small, close knit group of friends and as you’d expect from a bunch of weirdos we all got on pretty well. But when we didn’t get on, we had some nasty (and hilarious) fights… there were some doozies! And high school in general is a breeding ground for fights and spats with friends, lovers and enemies—all of those hormones in one contained building? You’re bound to get some explosions.

My boyfriend throughout high school was one cool cat… it took a lot to ruffle J’s feathers. One kid, B, managed to tousle J’s tuft somehow… I’m sure it was silly and inconsequential as it often is. From what I remember, B took the first hit and J turned around, calm as can be and grabbed B by the neck and slammed him up against the library doors. It took a few guys to get him off. He was suspended for a few days and eventually, after a few years, J and B were sort-of-friends. I think they’re even friends on Facebook! Then again, who isn’t these days?

There also was a huge (again, at the time it was huge) verbal bust up between me and C which is really hard to imagine now! I cannot for the life of me remember what started the argument. I think it had something to do with someone said I said something to someone else who repeated it back to C. It’s all a game of telephone, in high school, and everyone has shit reception. Whatever the case, C was livid. In Creative Writing, she finally exploded. We had a hushed, whispered argument, trying not to call attention to ourselves. Eventually C had had enough. She exclaimed, quite loudly: “Whatever! I’m done with you, f*g!” and then turned around and declared to the teacher, “I’m going to the bathroom.” And off she went. There was a stunned silence and everyone just kind of looked at each other in awe. C had flipped her lid! I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Obviously we eventually made up and got over both our hang-ups and all was right with the world.

You just get that in high school, don’t you? Friends becoming enemies and swearing never to speak to each other again and then a week later crying their eyes out and promising “let’s never fight again!” That’s just the way it all plays out. Eventually you all grow up and you either grow apart or you stay in touch or, in my case, both. I’m 4,000 miles away and I don’t get to call up and chat with my friends whenever I want but I know that the moment they know I’m coming home they’re already hatching up plans for some crazy fun. I like that.



2 thoughts on “Wednesday High School Hijinks: Fisticuffs!

  1. I do miss the days when your mates are the complete most important thing in your life and you know every detail about them. I do NOT miss how much that blew things out of proportion but it’s definitely good for a laugh now! My friendship group was made of three pairs of official best friends and that had been the status quo since we were 11 so when Rachel tried to steal Miranda off of Clare when we were 14? Oh. My. God. She even put a note in her locker being all top secret-y which was along the lines of “meet me in the library. DON’T bring Clare”. We were all furious with her for a good week or so.

    But these girls were solid. Since it was an girl’s school the fact that I had a boyfriend two years older was amazing and add to that the fact that he would sometimes buy me a fast food lunch and meet my at the school gates for a quick meal and chat made me super awesome. One of those days, before I had a mobile, I was putting stuff in my locker and Jessie had RUN up three flights of stairs with her face red and panic in her eyes. “Nithya, hurry up! Zena’s at the gates trying to chat up Jonny! Don’t worry, Miranda and Suzy down there talking to him so she can’t get a word in but RUN! SHE’S ROLLED HER SKIRT UP!” and we both flew out there before the slag could do any damage 😀 Hahaha. The things I used to peg as genuine emergencies.

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