Thursday High School Hijinks: The Dancing Outlaw(s)

*Just a note… because of the High School Hijinks theme week, I’ll be taking a break on the TILT post this week.  Don’t worry!  That just means I’ll have to double the things I like next week!*


In our senior year, C, B and I took a creative writing class.  One of our (few) projects was to write a script and either perform or film it to present to the class.  This was right up my alley but C, B and I were stuck for inspiration.

I’m not sure where C unearthed this gem of a cult classic from, but it’s golden; it’s a mini documentary called The Dancing Outlaw that I think was done on PBS or KET or something like that.  If you’ve never seen it, it’s worth a watch.  If you have seen it, watch it again because you know how funny it is.  Here’s the trailer…

So we decided to film our own version of The Dancing Outlaw.  C was going to play a female version of Jesco, I was Momma and B, oddly enough (and for whatever reason) was going to play a completely unrelated character—King Arthur, using her costume from the Monty Python play we were in.  Even R, who wasn’t in our class, made a special appearance along with C’s dad, V and his golf club. 

 This video was absolutely hilarious…. to us, anyhow.  From C acting like a complete nutso to me putting on a country hick accent and dressing like a frump to B donning her fake beard and crown, this thing was golden.  And the owl.  Ohhhh the owl.  C’s parents had a fake owl that they kept out in their back yard and we decided the owl was going to be in (pretty much) every single shot of the video.  Ah, classic.  The video ended with C and B in the hot tub as well.  Steamy!!  I think the show stealer, however, was C’s dad who C decided needed to be in video at the end, dancing and singing along to Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” with his golf club.  I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard since. 

Last year when I came home for the summer, C, R and I dug out the tape and watched it.  While it was jaw-droppingly embarrassing it was also the best laugh I’ve had in one hell of a long time.  I would absolutely kill for a dvd or digital copy of that. 




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