Friday High School Hijinks: Buzzing Toilet Bombs

Freshman year in high school, B, R and I were in the same PE class.  As you would expect coming from us there were a lot of hilarious moments in that class… inappropriate farts, basketball anxiety and the like.  One of the most memorable moments of that class and of my time in high school was the buzzing toilet bomb.

Towards the end of the year, rumours started circulating about a “gang” forming in our school.  I can’t remember the name they gave themselves but I remember it being really dumb.  Anyhow, another rumour started going around that was a bit more sinister—they were going to shoot up the school on a certain day.  The day came and it was bizarre; kids stayed home from school and everyone seemed really apprehensive. 

B, R and I were in the locker room getting changed after gym class.  R refused to get changed with us, so she would duck into the nearby toilet cubicle whilst B and I changed right outside.  All of a sudden, R comes out looking really worried.

R:  “I think there’s a bomb in the toilet.” 

B:  “What??”

R:  “The toilet.  It’s buzzing.” 

We stopped and stood quietly.  Sure enough, there was an intermittent buzz coming from the toilet.  I know it sounds stupid, but bear in mind we were already jumpy from the shooting threats.  We freaked the hell out… at which point, and I couldn’t make this up people, the power cut out.  Oh man, the panic and hilarity that ensued.

Eventually, one of us got the bright idea to take a look behind the toilet.  Someone had left their cell phone behind and was ringing it to see if they could find it.  Jeezy creezy.




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