TILT – 28 July 2011

It’s been such a sad and depressing news week what with the Norway attacks and Amy Winehouse dying and the USA credit/debt crisis.  I’ve found that I’ve had to dig extra deep to find things I’ve been thankful for over the last week but at the same time it has made me feel slightly better if nothing else.

Fridays  a bit of sunshine  coffee without sugar  chai oatmeal raisin cookies  ruby red hair dye  impulse buys  cuddling up with N for ten extra minutes in the morning because it’s summer holidays over here and traffic isn’t a nightmare so I can leave a bit later than normal  breakfast for dinner (oooh we’re such rebels)  getting a fantastic plug on the Tower of Technobabble podcast… and being named their “overseas correspondent,” even if it’s in jest  new carpet in the office  compelling memoirs  camomile tea for a tummy ache  being relatively healthy  having a roof over my head and all of the bills paid  quiet afternoons after work with a glass of wine  chocolate scented bubble bath  warmer weather  Coca Cola in glass bottles  wearing flip flops 

This is never not funny…

I am sooooo freaking excited for this!




2 thoughts on “TILT – 28 July 2011

  1. I look forward to your TILTS! (That sounds mildly perverted!) They never let me down! (That also sounds mildly perverted!) 🙂 🙂 🙂

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