Chickens? Monkeys? The Bloggess Strikes Again

And once again I’ve found myself laughing so hard that I’m crying.  I can’t wait to read this to N when he gets home.

Would you like to buy a monkey?

Who the hell wouldn’t?!

Read it and laugh your butts off and then thank me later.









4 thoughts on “Chickens? Monkeys? The Bloggess Strikes Again

  1. Thanks, S! Im starting to become ADDICTED to The Bloggess! Peyton’s room is next to our “office” and I was trying sooo hard not to laugh REALLY loud and wake him up. That monkey is hideous, but I want it!

    1. I know! I really need some kind of stuffed critter to freak N out with… maybe a possum? You can’t get that kind of stuff here though… I have a feeling the next time I’m home I’m going to have to hit up the Shepherdsville Flea Market! 🙂

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