Ay Dios Mio!!!

Last weekend, N and I were channel surfing during breakfast and ended up watching a cooking show called “Mexican Food Made Simple” featuring chef Thomasina Miers who won MasterChef in 2005.  We oohed and aahed our way through her recipes and ended up resolving that we were going to make her quesadilla and salsa recipes this week.

N came home from doing the weekly shopping and asked me if I’d had breakfast yet.  I said no and he said that was good because he was inspired and wanted to make Miers’s “Mexican Breakfast” recipe.  Before he was even 5 minutes into making it, I could smell it from the balcony where I was enjoying my Kindle and a cappuccino (no sugar, thank-you-very-much).

Now, the recipe is dead simple and so fresh and flavorful that it absolutely knocks your socks of with how tasty it is.  But I was wary; it called for a fried egg on top and (between you and me) I’ve never had a fried egg before.  I’ve always regarded them as “fried chicken fetuses” and went with the tried and true scrambled variety.  I have to say though, thanks to this recipe, I am a convert.

Here’s our finished product:


How yummy does that look?

You can find the recipe here along with some other tasty looking dishes.  Just a note–we used olive oil instead of lard and it was fab.

Man oh man, was that good.  I have a feeling we’ll be adding her cook book to our (massive) collection soon.




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