TILT – 11 August 2011

Lots of TILTS to list out this week!

Umm.. I’m HOME!!! ♥ N’s okay amidst all of the chaos in London… so are the rest of our friends ♥ It looks like the riots are quieting down in London ♥ Seeing 500+ people cleaning up Clapham Junction (and even more people in other areas of London) ♥ Operation Cup of Tea  ♥ getting to sit out on the back deck with my granddad and have a couple of beers  ♥ Hawaiin Ices with C  ♥ Frosties with R ♥ Spending a whole day with my bub and getting kisses ♥ Bub turning 1 today!!! ♥ funny cards ♥ Jersey Shore is baaaaack ♥ falling asleep on the couch ♥ being with my family and friends ♥ getting this time alone to myself to realize just how much I love/miss/need etc N in my life ♥ being able to unwind ♥not even considering checking my work emails ♥ toaster strudels ♥ vanilla coke ♥

I have the feeling that I’ll find N doing this one day…

Glitter… So much glitter



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