Stop the presses!!

I really, really really have a thing for old stuff.  I love antiques, junky thrift shops and old boxes stashed in the back of the attic that haven’t been opened in god-knows-how-long.  So when Memom told me she had a box of old newspapers, I was intrigued.

Finally, I’ve had the chance to go through the box and lemme tell you, there’s some really interesting stuff in there.  From the Kennedy assassination all the way until now, there’s a newspaper in there for nearly every major world and local event.  It was amazing; so amazing, in fact, that I thought I’d share some with you. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

How cool was all of that??  We do have some more current papers like the royal wedding and the last News of the World and all of that, but all of that’s stuff’s so recent I left it out.  Anyone else have any cool old stuff floating around??




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