TILT – 18 August 2011

I need lots of TILTS today as it’s my last day at home.

Cheesy shows about psychics ♥ good laughs on the back deck ♥ nice smelling cologne ♥ spending time with old friends ♥ knowing that I’ll be back home in 90 days which, lets face it, is the same amount of time as a stint in rehab which is totally doable (not that I’ve been in rehab) ♥ finding a pair of jeans in less than 15 minutes which is damn near impossible in my world ♥ bubble wrap ♥ knowing I’ll be seeing N in a few days, which is pretty much the only thing keeping me sane right now ♥ beer ♥ the mayhem Allstate videos (see my faves below) ♥ knowing my visa stuff will be wrapped up soon and I’ll be able to have money again…er… except Christmas is coming! ♥ my youngest sister started high school Wednesday and had a good first day ♥ ridiculous nights with C’s psycho dog and the rest of the gang ♥ ice cream ♥




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