How do I live without you… I want to know

I’m not a total fashionista or makeup-obsessed chick but I do occasionally get asked “ooh, what perfume are you wearing?” or “I love your makeup, what brand it is?”  So I thought I would put together a list of the ten beauty/bath products I love and use the most.

My newest addiction!  This perfume is amazing; it doesn’t make you sneeze or cough and it’s not overpowering, though the scent does pretty much last all day!  It’s really fruity and slightly floral… reminds me of summer.  The presentation is quite plain but the coloring picks up on the summery smell with orange, sunset-like colors.  N loves the smell and I’ve had several compliments from people at work as well.  And one of the best things about it?  The price!  At less than £30 per bottle (large bottles!) it’s well worth every penny.  I bought mine from the Duty Free at Heathrow on the way home but you can find it at most pharmacies and department stores.  I wonder if the Clarins face care products are just as good?  Hmmmmm…

Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate?  This stuff is amazing and makes my bath smell like I’ve been hanging out way too long at Hotel Chocolat!  My bathroom also smells heavenly after a bath which is an added bonus.  The only complaint I have?  You can’t eat it…. though it’s probably a good thing!
I have never heard of the Moringa plant in my life but if this is what it smells like, I want one on my kitchen table 24/7!  Apparently though, this is the Moringa plant!  Not very pretty… but the scent makes up for it.  If I had to compare it to anything I’d say it smells like magnolias which is one of my favorite scents/flowers!  I always use these two products together… exfoliate and then moisturize!  I try and do it once a week or so.
Available in both the UK and the US, this is my go-to lotion.  I’ve I’ve got the winter itchies (you know, the dry, flaky gross skin) or if I’ve just shaved my legs, I slather on this stuff and I’m smoother than… well, you know the cliche.  This is the lotion I reccommend for anyone, regardless of skin type, age etc.  It’s that universal and it’s that good.
Another “must have” product by Johnson’s is their 24 hour day cream which has spf 15 in it.  After watching this show two years ago where they put people under infared lights to show them how much damage they had from not wearing sunscreen on their faces I got really freaked out and set out to buy a moisturizer with sunscreen built in.  The best (and by far the cheapest!) for me has been this one.  I put it on every morning before my makeup and it works as a fantastic base for my foundation.  It doesn’t leave me feeling oily or greasy and it smells heavenly!

My newest cosmetic addiction, thanks to my little sister D.  I’ve gotten so many compliments about my eye makeup!!  It’s good for simple or smoky eyes and you can play around with shading and all sorts of really cool stuff.  Paired up with my No.7 mascara it’s dynamite!!

I haven’t seen this brand in the US, but I looooove Witch, which uses witchazel as their primary active ingredient in all of their products.  I use their makeup remover wipes every night and they work a treat!  I get off all of the mascara and eye makeup as well as my foundation.  They’re also very soothing and cooling; fab during summer!  I probably could just use the wipes and not wash my face at all but why tempt the pimples, eh?
When I went home a few weeks ago, I revisited some old products in my bathroom cupboard which is, frankly, a time machine of old body washes, perfumes and products from years gone by… some of which have been discontinued.  Case in point, my Sunsilk Waves of Envy texturizing spray.  I used to use the heck out of this stuff in college!  Well, I found a bottle in the cupboard and started using it again while I was home.  Before I finished it off, I thought I’d go out and get some to take back to London with me as I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sunsilk here before.  Went to Wal-Mart.  No Sunsilk. So I grabbed the Garnier as an alternative and I’ve gotta say I love it just as much as my old Sunsilk

A recent purchase, I’ve only used the Tea Tree Oil mask twice now, but it does exactly what it says–cools on contact and draws out impurities.  I’ve had a rash of recent breakouts and this stuff’s helping quite a bit.  Definitely worth the 9 quid I spent!

Another item no longer in production, I’ve had a huge tube of this stuff for over a year now and I only use it once in a blue moon.  It doesn’t smell tasty but the heat from the wasabi is intense and feels amazing.  I don’t know what I’ll do when I finish what’s left!

What products do you guys swear by?




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