TILT – 1 September 2011 and my 200th post!

So I’m a nervous wreck today because I’m going to the Border Agency tomorrow to have my Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa process and (with any luck) approved; I’m calming myself down by giving you lots and lots of TILTs this week.  Also, it’s my 200th post today (yaaaaaaaaaaaay!) so I thought it would be fun to have an extra helping of TILTs for you today!

Booking my Thanksgiving holiday home ♥ Amazon’s Kindle Customer Service being every bit as amazing as people have said ♥ Fresh flowers ♥ Making birthday plans ♥ My family, as kooky as they are ♥ Having a bit of hope ♥ Nicki Minaj (I know, I know) ♥ Juicy, sweet nectarines from the fridge ♥ Our crock-pot ♥ The “love moose” on my desk ♥ My silver spoon ring ♥ Watching vids of Bub ♥ Soup on cold, London days ♥ The trees are starting to change color (ALREADY!!!??) ♥ Stumbling in at 3am from a good night out ♥ Finally getting into A Game of Thrones ♥ Back to school season, even though I’m not a student anymore ♥ That feeling you get when you hear a song that makes your heart happy ♥ Adele ♥ Listening to the pre-famous Maroon 5 tracks I dug up ♥ Raw guitar solos ♥ Coffee, coffee and more coffee ♥ Irene wasn’t as bad/catastrophic as they said it was going to be ♥ My Almay eyeshadow; amazing day or night ♥ Mexican food ♥ Musicals ♥ 30 Rock (WHY have I not caught onto this show sooner??) ♥ Jersey Shore (Wahhh!) ♥ Having my own business card ♥ Almost being done with the visa process ♥ Friends’ birthdays! ♥ Getting approved to do product reviews ♥ My blue scarf from my mom that I wear all day every day and looks totally awesome on me ♥ White shirts ♥ Tummy hiding tops ♥ Helping N find a fly new jacket and shoes for less than £35 ♥ Shoes ♥ Good books ♥ Dr. Pepper ♥ “Lovely” football (that’s soccer!) matches ♥ Hilarious commercials ♥ Cheesy commercials ♥ The evening ritual of cuddling up to N and watching Friends or Man v Food ♥ My nephew’s curly hair ♥ Skype sessions with home ♥ Getting stuff done ♥ Shopping for birthday cards ♥ Tina Fey ♥ Snapfish ♥ Funny faces ♥ Google Chrome (why have I not used it before??) ♥ The Bloggess ♥ TILTs ♥Eminem ♥ Watching a movie on a week night ♥ Weekends with nothing to do (ah, bliss) ♥  Hitting 200 posts!!!!!

He’s the gadget master… and he makes pasta

Oh, my god…  Tissue alert!!! I tear up every single time I watch this commercial.

And now for something completely random and…. special.

Finally… everyone needs a little Minaj in their life (sorry about the commercial before the video!)

Happy 200th post!




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