Would you like an awesome hoodie?

So N’s company, Printed Wardrobe, are featured in the UK Groupon today!

If you’re unfamiliar with Groupon, it’s a deals website that gives you discounts on really awesome stuff like food, hair styling appointments, photo shoots and a whole bunch of other stuff.  It’s a really, really good site!

Anyhow, Printed Wardrobe are giving 52% off on their Premium Hoodies which are available in bajillions of colors (ok, 50).  You can create and design your own images and text or use some of their pre-made designs which are pretty cool too.  They’ll print on the front or back of the garment for you and let me tell you, they’re wayyyyy comfy.

So if you’re in the UK and have 19 quid to spare, why not order a hoodie from Printed Wardrobe through Groupon on this page.  After all… summer is officially over, right?  Time to break out the warm bits!



Check out http://www.printedwardrobe.com for more designs and for t-shirts, polos and other accessories!




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